I Don't Wanna Go To Work Today

by (Un)BalNz'D



2 in the AM's, I can hardly sleep
'cause I know you'll bother me
even in my dreams

and every time I close my eyes
I just have to friggin' sigh
'cause your mug is all I see

I have work in the AM's I don't wanna go
'cause I know you're waiting for me
make me wanna throw

up in the air throw my hands
'cause I never stand a chance
under any circumstance

I don't wanna go
please don't make me go
I'm sure that you know
everyone should know

You piss me off you make me mad
you make me wanna stick my head inside a bag
'cause you get
on my nerves, I don't deserve
the psychological torment that I'm under

and now I
wanna cry, I wanna die
and haunt you for the rest of afterlife
you aggravate me so...

... think you should go


released December 10, 2012




(Un)BalNz'D New Jersey

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