Missing Piece

by (Un)BalNz'D



It's a funny little feeling that I've got in this chest
I wanna whip it out showcase it over my head
like my name was link starting think you're the thing that I need
my missin' piece that I need to complete

my heart is torn now split in two
one for me and one for you
sharing is caring I'm daring to say
that I want you by my side, that I want you to stay

you're the missin' piece that I need to roll on
I've been longing for, searching for, sought for so long
come and play with me and you'll see that we were meant to be
you're my 2P need you with me

life don't scroll on when you're not by my side
I'd share anything with you all my rings all my lives
'cause you bubble my bobble let's shoot for a good end
don't stop we're only just beginning

Step one you smile and wave
step two I don't know what to say
step three you lean on me
step four I just can't function anymore

step five you start to laugh
step six I wanna hold your hand
step seven I say I wanna hold more
step eight I ask what'cha starin' for?

step nine you laugh then break away
step ten I ask if you could stay
just how many steps would it take
so that I can get close to you?


released February 18, 2013




(Un)BalNz'D New Jersey

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